Photo : Hélène Cyr
Man in nature, his condition, his relationship to new technologies are at the heart of my reflections and my artistic practice.
The nude in nature, which became popular again in the 18th century, was used by painters from schools and academies of the time (eg: Eugène Delacroix, François Boucher) to express noble feelings and an ideal of beauty. Their characters, from religious pantheons or heroes of mythology, being by their origin above the simple mortal, could be represented naked and became an opportunity to study the human body. At the end of the 19th century, with the relaxation of conventions in representation and modernity being felt, painters favored a more realistic approach, (eg: Olympia d’Edouard Manet) closer to everyday situations.

In context
Out of the chaos, a character is staged in the forest. This forest, more than a setting, is a haven of isolation, without interference, without contact. With humor and irony, naked, cleansed of all labels, this man moves about as a forager. Here and there, he draws on his present to nourish his memories. His experience takes him to the frontiers of our time and the romantic idea of a new life.
Solo Project
I was inspired by these contexts of art history cited in my approach, that is to say, to introduce into a natural environment a naked character who without reference to his identity appears to us detached from time. Second, there is an element juxtaposed, a situation that sheds light on his human condition. 

The construction of these works is based on keywords that come up in conversations and social networks - environment, forest, consumption, gluten, life, network, lake, right, opinion, recognition, friend, exploitation, publish, climate, like, plastic, etc. Taken individually each word limits us to its proper meaning, but assembled in a certain sequence, like a dada poem, they become a fragmented vision. Faced with these incongruous situations, several questions arise for visitors. This character, is he from antiquity? Is it current? What does he think? How does he live his time?

Nature reshaped Project
The impact on nature of our North American lifestyle is unprecedented. This nature transformed by human designs is no longer a vision shared by the generations that follow one another, but a fragmented vision of which several parts are no more than a memory. As for a puzzle with missing pieces, I browsed the new archives (Google earth, Google street view) to bring out the parts of landscapes that have disappeared in this process of domination of nature. 
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